Top Indonesian Dishes For Tourists

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Sample The Spice Islands From Bandung to Bali, and Sumatra to Surabaya, each has its own unique tastes. There are so many ways to explore Indonesia and if you have little time to actually travel to beautiful Indonesia, you can do it by tasting Indonesia’s food: 1. Indonesian Satay: Satay is meat skewers that are cooked

The Foods Of Indonesia

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International, Local Cuisines Found Across Indonesia Many Indonesian meals consist of steamed or fried rice with side dishes of meat, chicken, fish, and vegetables.   There is such a rich variety in the Indonesian cuisine that one should sample specialties in each region. However, most common nationwide are “sate” (skewered and grilled meat with peanut sauce

Bali The Island Of Temples

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Bali’s Religion and Beliefs Approximately three million people live on Bali and about 90 percent of the people follow the Hindu religion. Balinese Hinduism was formed from a combination of existing local beliefs and Hindu influences from across Southeast Asia and South Asia. The Balinese, like all people of Hindu faith, believe their religion is

Indonesia’s Museum’s, Monuments Loaded With History

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Museums, Monuments Found Across Indonesia Indonesia’s monuments and museums are found throughout the country. They represent the whole spectrum of Indonesian life, thought and history. The best-known and also the oldest in existence of the museums of art, culture and history is the Central Museum in Jakarta. Museums of natural history are found in Bogor and

Bali’s Most Stunning Temples

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Religion The Center Of Balinese Culture No visit to Bali would be complete without a trip to see at least one of Bali’s many Hindu temples. There are over 20,000 pura (Balinese for temple) in Bali, a widespread marker of Bali’s reverent culture. The most impressive temples include: Pura Besakih The holiest of all temples in

Learn To Speak Bahasa Indonesia

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A Few Indonesian Words Go A Long Way This quick video tutorial helps introduce travelers to the Indonesian language. Learn proper pronunciation, grammar and essential words to get the most from your trip. Learn to say hello, goodbye, please and thank you. Put a smile on hundreds of faces along the way by saying just a

Bali More Attractive Than Ever To Tourists

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Bali Is The Gateway To Indonesia Bali still has pockets of untapped beauty as serene and laid-back as they ever were. Today, Ubud is the most famous country village in the tropics, after last year’s Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts, was filmed there. Bali’s reputation as a tropical island paradise has its roots in an