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Travel Trends Across Indonesia

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Indonesia Drawing More Visitors From India Indonesia has been a favorite holiday destination for decades, with tourists from Australia and Southeast Asia mainly flocking to the resort island of Bali. But with a string of government campaigns, the industry is expected to diversify quickly in the coming years. Already the benefits of these changes can

Bawah Island Resort Among Indonesia’s Best

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Anambas Islands Between Singapore, Borneo By Lee Cobaj, The Telegraph In a pristine tropical archipelago in a far-flung corner of Indonesia, the brand new Bawah Island is a luxury retreat that’s brilliantly put-together and sustainably minded. It’s an adventure to get to – and even more fun upon arrival. The remote Anambas Archipelago, in which the resort sits, was

Indonesia’s Best Resort Hotels

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Bali Sets The Pace For Luxury, Harmony By John Wogan, Travel + Leisure Some of the most luxurious resort hotels on the planet are located in Indonesia, home to everything a well-traveled hotel connoisseur would expect: beautiful beaches, delicious food, postcard-perfect views, and faultless service. So it’s hardly a surprise that our readers are willing

Tips For Shopping In Indonesia

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Tourists Get Better Deals When Speaking Indonesian Shopping can be a nonstop activity in Indonesia because merchants are everywhere. In larger cities, such as Jakarta, visitors will encounter everything from luxurious shopping malls to children selling goods on the sidewalks. Items from around the world are available in Indonesia, including food, clothing, and toiletries. Local

Orangutan Expert Urges Travel To Indonesia Now

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Deforestation Pushing Orangutans Toward Extinction By Kelly Dinardo, New York Times It was the orangutan’s eyes that first struck Biruté Mary Galdikas. “They look very human,” said Dr. Galdikas, an anthropologist and the president of Orangutan Foundation International. “They have a very strong gaze that will penetrate you,” she said. “It’s almost hypnotic.” In the

Indonesia Tourism On The Rise

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Ecotourism An Untapped Market Across Indonesian Archipelago Although Indonesia has many attractions for tourists – beautiful countryside, interesting cultures & historical remnants, beaches, nightlife in Jakarta and Bali, and much more – the country fails to attract a large number of foreign tourists. Yes, Indonesia may achieve its target of welcoming 10 million foreign visitors

Indonesia’s Indigenous Communities Embrace Ecotourism

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Green Indonesia Helping Save Rain Forests Six indigenous communities have launched an ecotourism initiative that would show off their ancestral forests. They hope to develop alternate economic models that local governments in Indonesia could embrace, other than extractive industries such as mining and palm oil plantations. The initiative, called GreenIndonesia, would ultimately help the communities

Australian Tourists Now Enter Indonesia Free

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Australians Granted Free Entry to Indonesia For 30 Days  Aussies will no longer have to pay for a visa on arrival in Indonesia. Late last week President Joko Widodo​ signed a decree waiving the $35 visa requirements for another 79 countries, including Australia, bringing the list of visa-free countries to 169. “Indonesia’s decision to add Australia to

Indonesia Falls Short Of Tourism Target

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Jakarta Terrorist Attack Takes Toll On Tourism  Indonesia missed its target to attract at least 10 million foreign tourists in 2015 despite various promotion attempts, according to the Central Statistics Agency. Indonesia attracted 9.73 million tourists last year, in comparison to 9.44 million tourists in 2014. The report also showed that there were 913,828 foreigners who

Indonesia Promoting Marine Destinations

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Tourism Plan Showcases Diving, Surfing, Wildlife Indonesia hopes to double the number of tourists that visit from other nations by 2019. This year, the island nation will launch an initiative to upgrade several tourist destinations around the archipelago in a bid to lure tourists to destinations other than Bali. Top New Tourist Destinations Include Lake Toba