Tourism A Growth Industry

The total number of international tourist arrivals to Indonesia in 2014 is at this very moment recorded at 9.3 million, while domestic tourism totals 251 million trips, said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya at the end of the year press conference.

The Minister is positive that when all data are in, the final number as  targeted, namely of 9.5 million tourists by the end of the year, will be achieved, forming a solid cornerstone to reach next year’s target of 10 million international tourists and 254 million domestic tourist trips in 2015.

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The number of international tourist arrivals to Indonesia by the end of 2014 will have increased 5.65 percent compared to 2013. While for the period between  January-October, the growth of international tourists reached was 8.71 percent, from 7,134,052 in 2013 to 7,755,616 in 2014. Growth also occurred in domestic tourists from 250 million trips in 2013 to 251 million trips in 2014.

Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya further explained that, therefore, achievements made by the tourism sector to the national  economy include a  4.01 percent contribution to national gross domestic product with  US 0.69 billion in foreign exchange revenue, 10.3 million in employment, while, tourism’s current competitiveness in the world ranked at no 70 according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

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“With such achievements, tourism should rightfully be a primary industry. Our return level is higher compared those of manufacturing, while in employment the ratio is 6:4. Generally, it can be said that tourism products are ready and available; we just need to add to facilities. Whereas for manufacturing, they still need to build factories first. Tourism also needs to be given higher priority since it is more renewable compared to mining, for example. Furthermore, there are no other industries that can absorb 10 million employment except for tourism” stated Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya at the Year End Press Conference in Jakarta.

These achievements made by tourism in 2014 have become the foundation to set the target for 2019 which should double in value. In the macroeconomic forecast, tourism target for 2019 should be an 8 percent contribution to GNP, US$20 billion in foreign currency revenue, 13 million employment, through 20 million international tourist arrivals, 275 domestic tourist trips, thus  ranking at number 30 in tourism competitiveness worldwide.

Meanwhile, achievements made by the creative economy sector in the macro economy for 2014 include: 7 percent contribution to gross domestic product, 12 million employment, and 5.8 percent contribution to the national export. In the micro economy, the achievements made in the creative Economy include: global competitiveness at rank 87 from 143 worldwide and employment productivity at IDR56 million per year. The targets set for the creative economy in 2019 are: 12 percent contribution to gross domestic product, 13 million employment, 10 percent contribution to national export, ranking at no 40 in global competitiveness, IDR100 million per year workforce productivity, and workers knowledge score of 47 (from 0-100).

The highest contribution in the creative economy sector are Culinary presentations, followed by Fashion, and Crafts” explained Arief Yahya.

The quality and quantity of employment in tourism and the creative economy also experienced an increase. In 2013, it was recorded that an additional  1,437 tourism graduates were absorbed into the industry, while in 2014 the number increased to 1,685. While, the number of creative stakeholders in creation and production also increased from 9,219 in 2013 to 4,478 in 2014.

The excellent business portfolio of tourism is one main consideration of the the new government to transform the Ministry of Tourism and creative economy into the Ministry of Tourism. For the Creative Economy sector, a special Creative Economy Board will be established to be announced in the near future.

The Minister of Tourism also announced a number of top tourism events in Indonesia for 2015 which include: the Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival, Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta Marathon, Batam Six Bridges, ASEAN Jazz Festival, Bintan Triathlon, 60 Years Asian-African Conference Festival in Bandung, Tour de Singkarak, Singkawang Festival, Baliem Valley Festival, and Amway China Incentive Event in Bali.

As in previous years, Indonesian waters will also be highlighted with international sailing events. A number of important sailing events for 2015 are: the Singapore Strait Regatta, Neptune Regatta, Sail Indonesia, Darwin-Ambon Yacht Race, Darwin-Saumlaki, Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia and Sail Maluku.

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