Indonesia’s Top Tourist Destinations

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The Road To Bali, Borneo With more than 180,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. The islands are home to 167 active volcanoes, more endangered species and more beaches than any other nation. Indonesia has some of the largest remaining tracts of tropical forest anywhere in the world. It also features some

Indonesia’s Indigenous Communities Embrace Ecotourism

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Green Indonesia Helping Save Rain Forests Six indigenous communities have launched an ecotourism initiative that would show off their ancestral forests. They hope to develop alternate economic models that local governments in Indonesia could embrace, other than extractive industries such as mining and palm oil plantations. The initiative, called GreenIndonesia, would ultimately help the communities

Orangutans, Tigers Under Pressure In Indonesia

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Sumatran Tiger The Last Of Indonesia’s Three Subspecies Most visitors to Indonesia hope to see the Sumatran tiger. However, this beautiful animal rarely shows itself. Unfortunately, human development and destruction has already pushed two other tiger species in Indonesia into extinction. The Javan tiger was declared extinct in 1994 and the Bali tiger was last