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Indonesia Cave Reveals Historic Tsunamis

Tsunamis Nothing New To Indonesia A cave discovered near the source of Indonesia’s massive earthquake-spawned tsunami contains the footprints of past gigantic waves dating up to 7,500 years ago, a rare natural record that suggests the next disaster could be … Continue reading

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Travel Book Benefits Indonesia’s Wildlife

Language and Travel Guide Defending Endangered Species Indonesia straddles the Asian and Australian continental plates which generates abundant diversity among plant and animal life. This location also creates a stunning contrast of topographies and ecologies from east to west. You … Continue reading

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Can Ecotourism Save The Orangutan & Sumatran Tiger

Indonesia’s Endangered Species ‘We were in Indonesia‘s rainforest for fifteen hours and spent eleven of those waist-deep in a swamp looking at orangutans’. Trekking through the swamps and rainforests of Kalimantan may not be everyone’s idea of a fun and relaxing … Continue reading

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