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Lonely Planet Adds Indonesia To Best Destinations

With an abundance of spectacular wonders spread across this vast tropical archipelago, Indonesia never ceases to amaze and attract travelers from all over the world. The country’s irresistible charms have recently placed Indonesia among the Top Ten Countries to visit in 2019 as announced in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2019.

Indonesia became the only Southeast Asian Country to be included in the top ten. Moreover, a stunning image of Pura Ulun Danu Batur on the beautiful island of Bali stole the highlights as it appeared on the cover of the international list of destinations.

“Indonesia is as diverse as its span is long, from new eco-resorts offering orangutan encounters in Sumatra to the tribal traditions of Papu,” said the report. “More than 17,000 islands make up the medley of cultures, cuisines and religions across the archipelago, offering a kaleidoscope of experience. Earthquakes recently struck some parts of Indonesia, which is located on the volcano-lined Pacific Ring of Fire. The response to these natural disasters is ongoing, but much of this sprawling country remains safe for visitors. Thanks to substantial investment in new air, land and sea connections, plus recent visa-free access for nationals of 169 countries, it has never been easier to explore this tropical country.”

Java Indonesia volcano

This is a perfect portrayal of Indonesia. This archipelago is blessed with beautiful panoramas, unique cultural attractions and some of the most amazing monuments ever built. The recent natural disasters may have impacted on a number of destinations, however restorations are ongoing and most of these destinations such as Lombok have revived and already welcome tourists to enjoy its charms. And, as most of the country remain unharmed they are safe to visit. Recent substantial developments and investments as well as policy improvement have also yielded better connectivity and made it easier than ever before to visit Indonesia.

Each year, the Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list starts with nominations suggested by its vast community of editors, researchers, locals and influencers, which are subsequently picked and ranked by a panel of judges. The outcome is an eclectic list of destinations with unique, compelling, and topical reasons to visit in the year ahead.

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Indonesia is the fourth-largest nation in the world with more than 267 million people. The country is comprised of more than 17,500 islands, including Bali, Borneo, Java, Lombok, Sumatra and Sulawesi. Learn more about Indonesia.

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