Immigration Policies Revised For Tourists

Visitors to Indonesia must note that the Indonesian Government has advised the starting this Friday 20th March foreign visitors from all countries, that the Visa Free Arrival and Visa on Arrival policies are suspended for one month. Every foreigner who visits Indonesia is required to have a Visa from an Indonesian Representative in accordance with the purpose of the visit. When applying for a visa, you must attach a health certificate issued by the health authority in each country. “

Travelers who within the last 14 days visited Iran; Italy; Vatican; Spain; France; Germany; Switzerland; the UK are not permitted to enter/transit Indonesia.

1. The Indonesian government continues to pay close attention to reports from WHO regarding the development of the spread of COVID-19.

2. Bearing in mind that more and more countries have been infected with COVID-19, the Government strongly urges Indonesian citizens to limit their travel abroad except for urgent matters which cannot be postponed.

Indonesian citizens who are currently traveling abroad, they are expected to return to Indonesia immediately before experiencing further flight difficulties.

4. A number of countries currently have policies to restrict traffic. Therefore, all Indonesian citizens are requested to keep a close watch on information in the safe-travel application or contact the nearest RI representative hotline.

5. Regarding foreign visitors from all countries, the Government of Indonesia has decided that the Visa Free Arrival (BVK), Visa on Arrival and Free Diplomatic / Service Visa policies are suspended for 1 month.

6. Therefore, every foreigner who will visit Indonesia is required to have a visa from an Indonesian representative in accordance with the purpose and purpose of the visit. When applying for a visa, you must attach a health certificate issued by the health authority in each country.

7. In addition to the above, there are special policies that concern the following countries:

8. First, the policy towards China is still valid according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs statement on 2 February

9. Second, the policy towards South Korea for Daegu City and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province is still in accordance with the Foreign Minister’s statement dated March 5, 2020.…/indonesian-government-policy-on-the-d

10. Third, migrants / travelers who within the past 14 days visited the countries below are not permitted to enter / transit to Indonesia. These countries are:

a. Iran;
b. Italy;
c. Vatican;
d. Spanish;
e. France;
f. German;
g. Switzerland;
h. English

11. Fourth, all arrivals / travelers must fill out and submit a Health Alert Card to the Port Health Office prior to arrival at the entrance of the Indonesian International Airport.

12. If the travel history shows that in the last 14 days the person concerned has visited these countries, then the person concerned may be refused entry to Indonesia.

13. Fifth, for Indonesian citizens who visit the aforementioned countries, an additional inspection will be carried out by the Port Health Office upon arrival in the homeland: If additional investigations find the initial symptoms of Covid-19, there will be an observation at a government facility for 14 days; If no initial symptoms are found then it is strongly recommended that the person perform an independent quarantine for 14 days.

14. Extension of residence permit for foreigners/travelers who currently reside in Indonesia and has expired, then the arrangement is carried out in accordance with Permenkumham No. 7 in 2020.

15. For KITAS / KITAP holders and holders of diplomatic/official residence permits currently residing abroad and their entry permits will expire, the arrangements are also in accordance with Permenkumham No. 7 in 2020.

These travel policies will take effect on Friday March 20th at midnight West Indonesia Time. This policy is temporary and will be updated accordingly.

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